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I have never met the man before, but he is revered within the advertising industry for his thinking. Here's a little taste of what he does best - check out his slideshow. You're more than welcome.

Exclusive!! One Direction (et al)

Funny how misleading a post title can be and because of it my traffic has shot up. The point of this post is to say that I will be changing its theme - did it have one to begin with? Either way, it will now comprise of my thoughts on advertising and marketing that I simply don't understand because I am averagely intelligent. Thus I hope those who are smarter than me (or involved) will be able to clear things up.

Simple enough? Then stay tuned 



TEDxEuston 2012 happened, last Saturday, and it was phenomenal. 

I am extremely proud to be part of the team and I have taken much learnings from this day. The speakers all lived up to the expectations of 'Challenging Conventional Wisdom' the theme for the event. And on a more personal note, I was very pleased to hear that the social media team got #TEDxEuston trending in Lagos. Of course we wanted it trending in the UK, but when competing with Worlds Aids Day (HIV) and Saturday Premier league football... well, its a tall order.

There's so much to post about of the event and I promise you I will. So check back soon. I just need to come-down from that night, still.

Never go to someone's house, empty-handed.

In my pursuit for a career in Advertising I have had the pleasure of siting down with some of the industries biggest names, like:

Emily James - Planning Director at RCKR/Y&R

Graeme Douglas - Director of Interactive & Innovation at Wieden & Kennedy

Adrian Zambardino - Planning Director at Ogilvy & Mather

John Wright - Head of Strategic Business Dev, EMEA at McCann Erickson

Bridget Angear - Head of Planning at AMV BBDO

Nick Constantinou - CEO at Collective London

Keir Mather - Head of Team Management at BBH London

Boko Inyundo - Business Development Manager for Lewis Silkin

I went to each one of them with nothing but enthusiasm in hope to learn how they each made a successful career in advertising. With hindsight I should have had more to offer. In any case, over the forthcoming weeks I will write down what I learned from them and I hope it'll be as inspiring for you as it was for me.


Companies/brands would hire a PR person/agency to make sure people spoke about them, positively. Today, even a company with little interest in self-promotion must hire one, simply to make sure people don't say untrue things about their company. Simply put, it was once about spreading the word, now it's as much about stopping the spread of inaccurate and damaging words.

Next Monday (12th - 26th) I will be doing some PR training with 77. This should be very interesting and I promise to post all my learnings.

Never let perfect be the obstacle of good

"The man who waits for the perfect opportunities, will wait a lifetime" - Nigerian proverb.

How many times do we hear, and know, people who are waiting for <x> to be just right so they can do <y> ... What idiots! As I've expressed before - to point of sounding like a broken record - just get on with it, then learn from it so you can do it again, getting better each time.

What's Black All About!?

(Re: Title - Forgive the pun I couldn't help myself.)

Right! Time for a plug. Here's a project I'm involved with - TEDxEuston.

TEDxEuston 2012
Saturday, 1 December 2012
The Mermaid, Puddle Dock, Blackfriars, London EC1V 3DB

TEDxEuston aims to reflect ideas and inspired thinking of a new generation of African leaders, presenting to an audience of Africans and Friends of Africa committed to engaging and re-engaging in an active and meaningful manner with the continent. TEDxEuston is a TED-like event locally organised in the same spirit of "ideas worth spreading", devoted to leveraging the powers of ideas to change the world.

Since the first event in 2009, the event has grown organically from strength to strength. On December 1 2012, the 4th event will feature 13 amazing speakers, who are challenging conventional wisdom on the continent. From the arts, business and public life - there will not be a more exciting mix of speakers focusing on Africa anywhere else in 2012.

Speakers at TEDxEuston 2012: Chimamanda Adichie (Novelist, Nigeria); Jacqueline Novogratz (Non-profit global venture capital fund, USA); Sada Mire (Archaeologist, Somalia); Aminatta Forna (Novelist and Journalist, Sierra Leone); Cobhams Asuquo  (Music producer, Nigeria); Ndidi Nwuneli (Social Entrepreneur, Nigeria); Trevor Ncube (Publisher, Zimbabwe); Jason Njoku  (New media entrepreneur, Nigeria); Amina Az Zubair (Former SSA to the President of Nigeria on the MDGs, Nigeria); Albie Sachs (Former Constitutional Court Judge, South Africa); Queen Sylvia Nagginda Luswata (The Queen of   Buganda, Uganda; and Frank Njenga, (Psychiatrist, Kenya).

Last year, some people were disappointed as the event sold out 6 weeks to the day. Tickets are already selling fast this year, so if you'd like to attend, get yours soon on The ticket will cover the entire event, a light breakfast, a 3-course lunch, and an after party. 

For more details, please visit

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